Monday, February 1, 2016

The Blessing and Joy of Giving

Yes, it really is more blessed (a happy experience) to give than to receive — that is if you are giving out of love and care for the person you are gifting!  Just think about it: When you are giving out of love and care, you have the joy of thinking about the person and planning something that you hope will make their eyes light up or warm their heart.   Then you have the fun of finding that treasure you’ve been searching for, getting it “dressed” for presentation, anticipating the moment you can hand it off, and finally, experiencing the presentation of your expression of love.

The person who receives the gift gets “only” to receive that expression and enjoy the gift and the memory — still a nice experience, but not as great as the one experienced by the giver.

This is true of all temperaments, but each one performs the giving act in different ways.  Let’s examine:

The SP:  These are very generous people.   Generally very optimistic, they feel that resources abound and have no reservations about spreading the “joy” liberally.  They also like to do it with flare, pomp and circumstance, so their giving is often accompanied by some sort of “performance.”  The gift, as well as the method of presentation, may be extravagant.  If the recipient shows extreme delight and indicates that the SP has “made an impression,”  the SP will be delighted.

The SJ:  These folk give their gifts with care and much consideration.  Their desire is to find the “right” item for each person so that it suits the person’s needs as well as their desires.  Their gifts are likely to be of a more practical nature, but they will be the very best the giver can offer.  Sincere thanks and warm appreciation for the thought that went into the gift will reward the SJ for the effort expended.

The NT:  The gift will have to “make sense” to the NT as well as to the recipient (in the NT’s eyes).  If it makes sense to the NT, it is then dressed and presented in a manner that makes sense to the NT.  Even if it is extravagant, it might make sense — at least to the NT.  No-fuss expressions of thanks and confirmation of the well-thought-out selection is needed for the NT to feel satisfaction.  

The NF:  Their gifts are all about meaning and significance.   Their gifts are likely to have a “romantic” element when intended for a significant other or spouse.  If intended for a child, the NF will put as much meaning as possible into the gift and the giving, endeavoring to express the value of the relationship as well as they possibly can.  Warm hugs, smiles, loving looks, and kisses (where appropriate), along with generous verbal gratitude will assure the NF that they have indeed presented a meaningful expression of your love and care.