Friday, April 1, 2016

Lighten Up, SJs!

As an SJ, we find ourselves oriented to the past and stingy with our trust, always carefully examining change, and slow to leap into the unfamiliar.  This often tends to reduce the joy in our lives.  

Since joy is such a needed “nutrient” to our health, it is my goal in this segment to introduce some things for all of us to consider (me, in particular) that I hope will increase the joy in our lives.

It’s April Fools' Day!  Some of my early thoughts in my waking moments were of possible April Fools pranks that I could play on Ray today.  As an SJ, I am less likely to “play” -- always being the serious, responsible, working “ox” in the pair.  (He works too -- VERY hard -- but he has a more "playful" way of going about it than I do.)  I really need to “work” at playing.  That’s a bad place to be in.  Though I long to have “silly times,” I tend to override them with responsibility.  

If you have SJ friends or are an SJ yourself, encourage the “sillies” in life.  We need to lighten up!  While all our responsibility and work ethic is a strength of this temperament, remember that “overuse” produces weakness.   ALL temperaments need joy!  What can you do today to bring JOY into your day?

Here is something that encourages JOY for me.  I hope it will bring some into your day as well.  Just try to watch without smiling!  I dare you!

Now, I’m going to go play a joke on Ray!